Saturday, June 6, 2015

Across a Crowded Room

I have never felt so alone,
looking at you across a crowded room,
filled with the most boisterous of friends,
knowing I might never feel your hands in mine again.

You didn't just break the walls,
you understood the pain behind the stoic silence,
the searing sarcasm,
the nonchalant, indifference to the world,
that it was all just a veil.

You embraced all my oddities,
my past and my enormous mistakes,
Picked up the pieces and filled it,
with understanding and grace.

But after months and a thousand miles apart,
I guess it's back to the start.
There's never been any blame,
Just lamenting and wishing things could stay the same.

So here I am again,
pretending everything's fine.
When all I want is to feel you whispering in my ear,
guiding me towards the divine.

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